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UAE School Inspection Framework 2015-16

24 August 2015   |   Category: School Inspection

After seven years of raising the quality of education in Dubai private schools through inspection, KHDA is pleased to release to schools the new UAE School Inspection Framework (the framework). This framework is the result of extensive collaboration across the Emirates, and represents the synthesis of previous inspection and school improvement models. The framework will be used to inspect all schools throughout the Emirates from September 2015.

The UAE School Inspection Framework is based on comprehensive performance standards that define the essential aspects of a quality education. Each standard is broken down into specific indicators and elements, and detailed descriptors and illustrations guide inspection judgements and school improvement.

While there are some similarities to the inspection framework that has been used with Dubai private schools in recent years, there are also notable differences, not least of which being the six performance categories replacing the previous four quality categories, with the addition of “Very Good” and “Poor” ratings. Furthermore, this next academic year the UAE government has prioritised “innovation” as a major theme for development and consequently, aspects of innovation will be inspected in a number of performance indicators.

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