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Careers at KHDA

Page last updated 11:02 AM - 07 May 2024

Careers at KHDA

The original Latin for ‘education’ is ‘educare’ – to bring out from within. This is our approach to learning and our approach to our people. 

The team at KHDA gives with their heart to make sure that education in Dubai brings out the best in each student.  We’re happy, creative learners who are curious, customer-focused, and above all, team players. Our people energise different teams and in different roles on projects such as guest happiness, partnerships, research, communications, data analysis and quality assurance, just to name a few!  

We are inspired by the creativity of the community in which we live, and we know there are many of you who have wonderful ideas and projects that will improve education in Dubai.  
The first step for you to check if there is an opening for an experience with KHDA through the Dubai Careers portal

In general, we don’t believe that interviews do the candidate or the organization justice. This is why after creating your profile on Dubai careers and if you are the best match for the role based on your profile. You will be invited to an immersive open week experience with KHDA. Where you will join other candidates interested in the same role in solving a real-time challenge.  During the open week you will also get to know us as an organization and explore whether we meet your expectations or not.   
If you are applying for a role with the inspection team then the process might be slightly different.

KHDA is a diverse and inclusive organisation – we like to work with people who share our values and fit in with our culture. We welcome new team members who are living with disability, and we aim to make sure that our recruitment process enables everyone to express their talents. If you have a disability, please email us so that we can best accommodate your needs
Page last updated 11:02 AM - 07 May 2024
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