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The 2014/15 Private Education in Dubai

03/19/2015   |   Category: Papers and Statistics

The 2014/15 Private Education in Dubai infographic contains the latest data on private schools and higher education in Dubai. A total of 11 new schools opened in Dubai in 2014/15, providing additional capacity to accommodate the demand from continued growth in enrolments. The report features a breakdown of capacity across Dubai’s schools and illustrates that space is available in certain schools, particularly those that have recently opened. In the higher education sector, there are now 59,801 students enrolled at 56 institutions in Dubai, which represents a 13.7 per cent increase from the previous academic year. The future of private education in Dubai is reliant on accurate data, which can be used as an evidence base for making policy and investment decisions. The statistics contained in these publications provide data on student enrolments, growth trends and a breakdown on the type of school or institution. KHDA acknowledges the participation of private s

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