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Parent-School Contract

Objectives of the contract

Clarity and transparency are key to a constructive relationship between schools and the families they serve, and enables a schooling experience that has a child’s wellbeing at its heart. 

The Parent-School contract has been introduced with this in mind.  It ensures that both schools and parents are aware of their duties and responsibilities towards each other and towards their children. It is to the benefit to both schools and families that this relationship is based on agreed terms and conditions, set out clearly in the form of a contract.

The terms and conditions stipulated in the contract will also be a reference for dispute resolution. KHDA will uphold the agreement stipulated in the contract when a party refers a matter to KHDA for deliberation and endorsement. Families are encouraged to read the contract carefully and to sign it only after all queries have been addressed by the school.

In addition to the contract, schools should have effective procedures in place to address and mitigate parental concerns and complaints. Parents should also be recognised and used as a valuable resource in the educational experience of their children.

Your child’s school will generate a contract for you to agree and sign at the beginning of each school year.

The Process


Currently all private schools in Dubai are enabled to complete the signing of the parent-school contract online.

Main sections of the contract

  1. Admission
    - The responsibilities of the parents
    - The responsibilities of the school
  2. Curriculum and Educational programmes
    - Mandatory subjects
    - Subjects offering
    - Choice of educational streams
    - Assessment policy
    - Promotion and retention policies
    - Extra-curricular activities and celebrations
    - Graduation requirements
    - Graduate certificate
  3. Fees
    - Annual school fees
    - Additional mandatory fees
    - Additional optional fees
    - Returning students
    - New students
    - Refunds
    - Sibling policy
    - Discount policy/Scholarship policy
  4. Communication for effective partnership
    - The responsibilities of the school 
    - The responsibilities of the parents
  5. Attendance and punctuality
    - The responsibilities of the school
    - The responsibilities of the parents
  6. Attitudes and behaviour
  7. Health and safety
    - The responsibilities of the school 
    - The responsibilities of the parents
  8. Transportation
  9. Appeal process
  10. Declaration
Page last updated 01:48 PM - 16 November 2021
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