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Facts and Figures

Early Childhood Centers (ECCs)

Source: Infographic on Early Childhood Centers in Dubai – Published in July 2024


Source: Dubai Private Schools Snapshot 2022-2023 – November 2022

Higher Education Institutes in Dubai

Source: The latest infographic on higher education providers in Dubai (April 2024 Edition)

Training Institutes

Source: Landscape report
June 2021


As part of the implementation of the Government of Dubai’s Open Data initiative, KHDA has released data on education institutions and the education system as a whole. The aim of the Open Data program is to make data accessible to researchers, investors and service developers and to create opportunities for collaboration, innovation and entrepreneurship.

All Open Data, available on the KHDA Website, are not intended to be used for profit. Users are requested to be aware of the policy of usage as per Dubai Data Law, and be aware of any updates.

Our responsibility

  1. KHDA allows access to items available through Open Data and grants the right for others to make use of the items free of charge..
  2. KHDA is not responsible for any damages resulting from the use or misuse of Open Data items published on the Website. KHDA does not guarantee the continued availability of any data items.
  3. KHDA will ensure that the release of data items will respect the privacy and confidentiality of information pertaining to students or other members of the education and human development sectors.
  4. KHDA does not assume any responsibility for the users of Open Data items, whatsoever.

Data-usage conditions

  1. Users of Open Data are fully responsible for the reuse of data items published on KHDA's website.
  2. Users must not alter the original Open Data or their source.
  3. Users are not permitted to use the data for political purposes, for supporting illegal activities, or any other activity that has a negative impact on culture or the traditions of Dubai or the UAE.
  4. Users must attribute KHDA as the source of the data.

KHDA’s Open Data

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Page last updated 25 April 2024
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