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Self-Evaluation - A resource for schools in Dubai 2012-2013

26 July 2012   |   Category: School Inspection

Accurate self-evaluation is a pre-condition for school improvement. Without it, leaders do not have a realistic view of their school’s strengths and weaknesses.

In line with international good practice in school inspections, DSIB places firm emphasis on the need for schools to become more familiar and confident with the processes of self-evaluation and improvement planning. The DSIB Inspection Handbook 2012-13 is an important tool for schools to use as part of their own self-evaluation procedures.

School self-evaluation will play a more important part in the inspection of schools in the coming year. DSIB requires all schools to submit self-evaluation information to inspectors prior to the visit to the school. Self-evaluation information should be aligned to the quality indicators in this handbook using the DSIB self-evaluation resource.

This resource is intended to provide support and guidance to schools in order to facilitate rigorous and systematic self-evaluation. In this way, we trust that schools can work in partnership with inspectors to bring about the desired improvements.

The self-evaluation tool is available for school colleagues by following the link here.

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