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Inspection Key Findings 2015-2016: Indian Curriculum Schools

21 February 2016   |   Category: School Inspection

This report provides an overview of the educational performance and standards of the twenty nine Indian curriculum schools in Dubai that were inspected during the 2015-2016 school inspection cycle. It also outlines the very significant improvements made by these schools since they were first inspected six years ago by the Dubai School Inspection Bureau of the Knowledge and Human Development Authority.

This report also highlights:

  1. the extent to which Indian curriculum schools have participated in the requirements set by the National Agenda Parameter, and the extent of their readiness to work towards their National Agenda targets
  2. improvements in school leadership and self-evaluation
  3. the improvement in the quality of education experienced by students with SEND.

We invite you to review this report, together with individual school inspection reports, which can be accessed from here.

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