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Initial Quality Inspections Handbook

18 June 2008   |   Category: School Inspection

School Inspection will play a vital role in defining and measuring educational quality to support the improvement of education in Dubai.

This first handbook sets out the framework of quality indicators which inspectors will use to make evaluations. The handbook has been developed through wide consultation with stakeholders including parents, teachers and principals from public and private schools in Dubai.

The involvement of stakeholders in defining educational quality is key. The framework for inspections should not be a tool used in isolation by a team of inspectors. Ideally, schools will use this framework as a means by which they regularly evaluate the impact of their work on students’ learning. DSIB will work closely with schools in this process to facilitate the ongoing improvement of education in Dubai.

Each school will be receiving a hard copy of the Inspections Handbook in both English and Arabic.

To download the Inspection Handbook, Click Here

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