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DSIB Annual Report 2010

08 December 2011   |   Category: School Inspection

Welcome to the Annual Report 2010 of the Dubai Schools Inspection Bureau. We hope you agree that our inspectors have established themselves very quickly as catalysts for change, and we are delighted by the improvements we have seen in many of our schools. This year we included our Indian and Pakistani schools in the inspections and we placed emphasis on the teaching of Islamic Education for Muslim students and also Arabic. We hope that enhancing these subjects will continue as an important way of helping all of our young people to understand and take part in the culture of Dubai. We thank everyone for their support this year. We know how difficult it can be to make changes, and we are full of admiration for those schools which have worked so hard to do things better. Little by little, we are confident that all of our school community will come on board so we are all heading in the same direction. We trust that this second Annual Report provides you with helpful, comprehensive information regarding school quality in Dubai. Whether you are a parent, teacher, school leader, school manager or member of the public, the report is intended to support your positive engagement with the schools in your community. Together we will help all schools in Dubai in the journey to excellence.

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