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Inspection Findings 2014-2015 - Performance of Indian Schools in Dubai

2/17/2015   |   Category: School Inspection

The 6th annual report of Indian and Pakistani schools by Dubai Schools Inspection Bureau (DSIB) provides an overview of the performance and standards found in Indian and Pakistani schools during the 2014-2015 inspection period. Twenty-four schools were inspected between September and October 2014, and there were progress review visits to two unsatisfactory schools. Information from these inspections forms the basis of this report. The report highlights the standard of education provided by these schools and provides an overview of some of the best practices used by Indian schools which are successful in improving education outcomes for students. It also outlines the extent to which Indian and Pakistani schools are meeting the UAE National Agenda targets. The report this year includes a specific focus on the quality of education provision for students with special educational needs, and also the quality of education found in Early Years settings. This year, DSIB has introduced a new ‘Parent Report’ which is designed to give parents a clear statement about the standards and performance of their children’s school. For more information, please download the full report by clicking here. We invite you to review this report, together with individual school inspection reports, which can be accessed from here.

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