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DSIB Annual Report 2012

9/23/2012 23 September 2012   |   Category: School Inspection

Welcome to the Annual Report 2012 of the Dubai Schools Inspection Bureau.

This fourth annual DSIB report provides an account of the performance of private schools after four years of inspection in Dubai. The report provides detailed information regarding the progress made by schools offering different curricula. Each section of the report analyses the strengths and areas of development noted by inspectors in the schools offering the 13 different curricula in Dubai. Iranian curricula schools were inspected for the first time on 2012.

In 2012, Dubai Schools Inspection Bureau completed inspections of 138 private schools. Inspectors visited around 14,000 classes and conducted around 1,850 interviews with students and staff during the course of full inspections. To help inform the inspectors, parents, teachers and high school students completed around, in total, 50,000 questionnaires on-line.

Following four years of inspection it is notable that a larger number of our students now attend schools that offer a good or outstanding quality of education. It is our goal that every child in Dubai will benefit from a good education. Our commitment is to provide an independent evaluation of the quality of the education we find in schools in Dubai and to reporting our findings fully for the benefit of parents, students, school staff and proprietors, the Ministry and the wider public.

To read Dubai Schools Inspection Bureau Annual Report 2012, please click here.

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