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World Bank report: The Road Traveled: Dubai’s Journey towards Improving Private Education

03 November 2014   |   Category: Papers and Statistics

In November 2014, the World Bank launched a report that investigates the approaches taken by the Government of Dubai to foster improvements in the quality of education at private schools. The report identified that KHDA’s unique approach focuses on regulatory oversight of the sector with an emphasis on the enhancement of student outcomes and making information available to the public. By promoting a culture of open evaluation, where the data on the quality of education systems, schools and student learning outcomes is made publicly available to all interested stakeholders, KHDA has effectively ‘turned the lights on.’
The report notes that steady improvement in education has occurred overall and that part of the reason for this improvement has to do with incentive arrangements. While competition between schools does exist in some segments of the market, increased collaboration within and between schools through peer reviews and the What Works series of events was observed - a positive trend that deserves further encouragement.

The report provides some options for moving forward particularly in relation to improving weaker schools through more post-inspection follow up or through expanded collaborations between schools.

The report was launched at an event hosted by the Mohammed bin Rashid School of Government on 3 November 2014.

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