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The Gift Of Good Governance - A Guide For The Private Schools Community In Dubai

25 November 2018   |   Category: Papers and Statistics

The Gift of Good Governance has been created to act as a reference document for:

Private schools with new or existing boards;
Investors and operators;
Board and governance training associations and consultants; and,
Organisations and individuals interested in supporting schools.
The purpose of this document is to provide schools with an understanding of what constitutes best practices in school governance – it may be used as a resource to help improve school governance and to encourage reflection on current governance culture and processes. It is not the purpose of this guide to prescribe templates or checklists for governing boards to follow.

For investors and operators, this guide answers questions about the requirements of school governance in a Dubai-specific context. It also acts as a resource for boards, governance training associations, consultants and members of the community interested in joining governing boards in Dubai schools.

Each section of this guide concludes with ‘Talk Time’ - questions designed to help you reflect on your school’s governance approach and to encourage further conversations.

These questions are best answered collaboratively between school management, board members and other interested parties to ensure a rigorous governance framework aligned with best international practices.

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