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TIMSS Educator's Report

20 December 2009   |   Category: International Assessments

Our mission to enhance human development demands the development of strategies and policies that are based on evidence and data. This will lead us to understand the current situation of the education system and set a launchpad for future work based on partnership and transparency with the community in light of our responsibility to provide world-class education.

In this respect, KHDA participated through the Dubai Schools Agency in the international study “TIMSS”, where you find its outcome in this report which is dedicated for educators and teachers. Dr. Abdulla Al Karam, Director General of the Authority commented:

“Knowledge attainment is the community’s responsibility as a whole and is the mandate of every teacher, parent and student. Everyone is invited to participate in the growth of knowledge attainment, which will only flourish upon everyone’s participation in a practical manner.

Self-reform comes from within everyone of us and is more powerful than any official imposing it. Therefore, providing information and data in a transparent manner provides everyone the opportunity to contribute in achieving the aspired development”

You can view the full report through clicking here.

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