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Dubai PISA 2012 Report

09 December 2013   |   Category: International Assessments

KHDA first took part in the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) in 2009. PISA is an international assessment of the reading, science and mathematical literacy of 15-year-old students. It takes place in 3-year cycles. This report is a comprehensive analysis of student skill levels and performance trends in Dubai’s second participation in PISA 2012. Mathematics was the main domain in this cycle of PISA.

The use of international assessments is an important tool to compare the performance of students in Dubai with international benchmarks. Students are assessed in the literacy domains of reading, mathematics and science to measure proficiency levels and a students’ readiness for life within in an international context. Dubai’s role in these assessments is becoming increasingly important as the education sector continues to witness growth year-on-year. In Dubai, 4974 students from 148 public and private schools participated in PISA 2012. This report compares schooling trends in Dubai with those seen globally, including gender patterns, various student groups and shifts in student attitudes. Participation in PISA also allows KHDA and schools in Dubai to contrast student performance across the many different curricula in Dubai’s schools.

Overall, PISA and other international assessments, enable KHDA and schools in Dubai to understand where improvements can be made to students’ school-acquired knowledge and future educational development.

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