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Higher Education in Dubai

23 May 2017   |   Category: Higher Education and UQAIB

The development of a quality higher education system is one of the strategic priorities of the Emirate of Dubai. The focus is on improving access to quality higher education, expanding student choice in terms of academic programmes on offer, and increasing student enrollment.

The higher education landscape in Dubai is very diverse. Dubai’s Free Zones enable universities from outside the country to establish international branch campuses. These branch campuses fall under the umbrella of the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA). KHDA oversees higher educational institutions and has established international cross-border quality assurance partnerships to sustain an environment of approved, high-quality institutions to meet the needs of students, and to support the development of Dubai’s knowledge economy.

This publication seeks to provide information that is helpful for everybody involved in higher education. It gives an overview, explains the current higher education landscape, and shows why Dubai is an excellent location to establish an internationally-oriented higher education hub. It will also guide you through the quality assurance and application process mechanisms that Dubai has put in place to ensure the delivery of high quality academic programmes, relevant to Dubai’s economic development.

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