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FAQs about Adults@School Wellbeing Survey

What is the purpose of the Adults@School Wellbeing Survey?

The survey provides all staff at school with a tool to help them understand their own wellbeing and how to take responsibility for it. In addition, summaries of the survey results provide school leaders with an understanding of the wellbeing of their staff to use as evidence in their school improvement plans. Finally, a focus on staff wellbeing will drive improvements in student wellbeing and help Dubai in its vision to be the happiest city in the world.

Who completes the Adults@School Wellbeing Survey?

The survey is open to all adults at school that interact with students i.e. teachers, support staff, administrators, principals, security personnel, etc.

Why should adults at school take this survey?

At the completion of the survey, participants receive a downloadable report that captures their wellbeing results across the PERMAH pillars. These individual reports include a number of suggested evidenced based interventions to help individuals improve their wellbeing. It is important for participants to be truthful in their responses to ensure that their results and interventions provided are relevant to them.

How and when did/do adults at school complete the survey?

Schools must opt-in if they wish to participate in the Adults@School Wellbeing Survey by emailing or responding to a form that was sent out to all school representatives. The survey can be completed online using any electronic device including phones, tablets, or computers and at any time between the 31 October and 30 of November 2021.

Where can the Adults@School Wellbeing Survey be accessed? How long will it take to complete the Survey?

The Adults@School Wellbeing Survey can be accessed using a unique URL link, which all school Wellbeing Champions will receive prior to the survey opening dates. The survey typically takes between 10 to 15 minutes (or less) to complete. Be sure to follow up with your school principal or Wellbeing Champion if you do not receive the link.

Who will see the results of the survey?

The only person who gets to see the results and scores of an individual is that individual. All responses are confidential. School leaders will receive a report which summarises the overall results for their school.

Will the results from the Adults@School Wellbeing Survey be used as part of school inspections?

Respectful and trusted relationships between staff and students currently form a key component of the national inspection framework. Staff with higher levels of wellbeing are likely to have improved emotional engagement with students, build authentic connections between staff and students, and have higher morale. Schools are encouraged to use the results from the Survey as part of their school self-evaluation process. Inspectors will have access to each school’s summary report and will reflect on what schools are doing to engage with their staff and improve their wellbeing.

Where can I get more information?

For further questions or concerns, please email or call 043640000.

Page last updated 22 November 2021
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