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When does the academic year start?

For Indian, Pakistani and Japanese curriculum schools, the academic year is from April to March. For all other curricula, it begins in September and ends in June or July.

When enrolling in a school, what languages can my certificates be presented in?

For admission to Dubai’s private schools at a level higher than Grade 1, it is necessary to present proof of your child’s previous schooling. All certificates, including those from abroad, must be presented in either Arabic or English. If originals are in other languages, they should be translated and the translations authenticated by a legal translator.

What grade does my child go to if he/she is moving from a 12-year curriculum to a 13-year curriculum?

This will often depend on the age of your child at the time of transfer and on their previous schooling. Your child’s new school should be able to advise you on this.

Does attendance at Quranic school count as equivalent to grades in regular schools?

No. Quranic centres are not considered as equivalent and their certificates cannot be considered as evidence of completion of particular school grades.

Does KHDA regulate school fees? What percentage of the fees can a school ask for in advance?

KHDA regulates school fees according to the annual Education Cost Index (ECI) and schools’ inspection ratings. The School Fees Framework provides detailed information on deposits and refunds.

Can a school expel or suspend a student for non-payment of fees or other reasons during the school year?

KHDA’s role is to assist schools and parents in resolving any dispute and we do not support action which would disrupt a child’s learning during the school year. Schools are not permitted to suspend or expel students without authorization from KHDA.

What should I do if my child is being bullied at school?

KHDA encourages all schools to have a child protection policy in place. We advise you to raise any incidents or concerns immediately with the school and, if you are not able to resolve the issue, please contact us.


I need to transfer my child to another school. What do I do?

If you are transferring within Dubai, you will need a transfer certificate. If you are leaving Dubai, you may need a ‘student leaving certificate’ to prove the years of study in school in Dubai. In both cases, your child’s school can provide you with these certificates, as well as ensure they are verified by KHDA. 

How much absence from school is allowed and what is ‘excused’ or ‘acceptable’ absence?

KHDA asks all schools to report on the attendance of students. Please refer to your child’s school to find out their policy on this issue.


Are schools entitled to use corporal punishment?

No. UAE law does not permit corporal punishment of any kind.

What is the ‘Good Conduct’ certificate?

Some universities in the UAE will require a Good Conduct certificate from your child’s school. This must be issued by the school and submitted to KHDA for attestation.


What is the ‘Student Continuity’ certificate?

For some authorities in the UAE, you may need to provide evidence of continued study. For this you need a continuity certificate from your school, which must be attested by KHDA. For this service, please contact your school administration.

What can I do if I lose my end-of-year certificate?

If the end-of-year certificate has been lost, you can obtain an attested replacement from KHDA by completing the application form and contacting us

What are the requirements of getting a high school equivalency certificate?

For having information about the UAE Ministry of Education requirements to apply for a high school equivalency certificate, please visit the below link.
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