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Page last updated 04:07 PM - 18 October 2021
What is the Lighthouse Project?
We call it the Lighthouse Project - an innovative approach that shines a light on National Agenda targets and so much more.
The Lighthouse brings together groups of Principals from Dubai private schools to network, share knowledge and work together on various projects that light the way to Positive Education.
And every year the Lighthouse Project adopts a fresh approach to achieve these goals.

New for 2018-2019

The Lighthouse Project’s theme for this academic year is Adult Wellbeing. Why? The improved wellbeing of adult educators changes lives – not only for adults but students too. Wellbeing is not just about eating well and exercising more. How we feel is also linked to learning, how we socialise and how we connect with colleagues and the wider community.
So together - and in the spirit of this new approach - let’s take a moment to see what the Lighthouse Project has achieved so far?


We invited Principals and teachers to step into the shoes of a student with the Shadow a Student Challenge - and the outcomes were not only amazing, but surprising too. The challenge promoted empathy and offered participants a chance to experience school as students do. Challenges were filmed and the outcomes shared to show the valuable gains of knowing what students want, and above all else, deserve from their school experience. Videos


Ten teams were each given one different positive attribute relating to Positive Education and were asked to design activities relevant to that attribute that could be taught in the classroom. A whirlwind of ideas emerged and outcomes were clear - happier lives for students and teachers both at school and home


This - the launch year of the Lighthouse Project – saw school leaders from across Dubai collaborate on research into globally successful education practices that lit the way to achieving National Agenda targets. Videos

So let’s continue this amazing journey. It’s time to call off the search – the Lighthouse Project is back!

So let’s continue this amazing journey. It’s time to call off the search – the Lighthouse Project is back!
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