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Principal Appointment Guide for Private Schools in Dubai

Page last updated 03:28 PM - 10 November 2021
Educational researchers have long established that principals play a key role in school improvement. Dubai School Inspection Bureau (DSIB) has confirmed the importance of the leader’s role in school improvement by establishing a clear correlation between the quality of school leadership and the school’s overall performance rating. It is therefore imperative that school leaders have the appropriate personal attributes, academic qualifications, professional experience, and leadership skills and qualities. This is to ensure the highest standards of education provision for students in private schools in Dubai and to achieve the UAE National Targets for 2021.
The “Principal Appointment Guide for Private Schools in Dubai, 2014-2015” details the responsibilities of a school principal; the qualifications and experience requirements; the process adopted by KHDA for the issuance of an appointment letter and the expected timeframe for private schools owners to submit an application for the appointment of a principal.
For more information, please download the full document by clicking here.
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