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Parent - ECC Contract FAQs

Page last updated 09:46 AM - 08 November 2021

Is the contract drafted by KHDA or by the ECC?

Can it be edited by the ECC or are the contents of the contract fixed? The contract template is drafted by KHDA and is the same for all ECCs. Some sections can be modified according to the centre's needs.

If our refund policy differs from what is stipulated by KHDA policy, must we change it?

You can add your refund policy under the fee section/refund policy in the Parent-ECC contract.

Do we upload the contract to the portal for KHDA approval before we send it to parents?

KHDA will upload all contracts once they have been approved. After that, you can share it with the parents.

Does the Parent-ECC-Contract supersede the ECC's original terms and conditions for registration?

The Parent-ECC-Contract supersedes all the ECC’s terms and conditions.

Must the contract be signed by the ECC as well as the parents?

The ECC first completes the contract, based on KHDA’s template, and submits it to KHDA for approval. Once the contract has been approved, it must be signed by both the ECC manager and the parents.

For children younger than 3 years, what contract should we use?

Currently, there is no contract for children younger than 3 years old. The current contract only applies to children aged 3-6 years old.

How will we know if the parent has signed the contract?

KHDA will share information about this in upcoming meetings and communications.

If a family has three children, must they sign three individual contracts?



Is the contract valid for one year even if the child registers mid-term?

The contract is valid for one academic year, so a child should have a contract regardless of when he/she registers.

Is this contract signed along with the registration form in the Early learning Center?

Signing the contract is a necessary step in the registration process. The parent will be asked to sign it using one of several online options.

Is this contract for children that turn 3+ years during the academic year?

This contract is for children who turn 3 years old by 31st August 2021.

Once both parties have signed, is the parent obligated to remain with us for the duration of the contract?

No, but the contract's withdrawal terms and conditions will apply.

Should the contract be signed by parents of children already registered or does this only apply to new registrations?

All children, existing and new, ages 3-6 years old must have a contract.

Will the link be sent by KHDA or from our side?

Once the contract is complete in the KHDA system, it will be distributed to parents via a link for them to review and sign.

Our fees vary by age group and according to drop-off and pick-up times. Can the contract reflect these differences and changes?

The timing options in your contract will be based on your permit and you will be able to choose options based on the parents’ selection

What is the validity of the contract? Must a new one, with new fees, be signed every year?

Each contract is valid for one academic year. A new one must be signed every year.

Does the ECC get a copy of the contract once the parent has signed it?

All contracts will be available to both ECCs and parents via the KHDA system and the app.

Will the contract include medical forms?

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