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Summer holidays are nearly here. For many students, teachers and parents, another academic year is nearly finished. And what a year it’s been!

Our community has been through a lot. It was just six months ago that we faced the prospect of switching to distance learning. We’ve had to adapt, then adapt again, and adapt again.
It’s no surprise that when there was uncertainty, we knew what we had to do, and we did it together.

Because of your commitment, your passion and your love, our children could continue to have a meaningful learning experience in Dubai.

It’s time to feel thankful for what we’ve achieved, grateful to those who have helped us, and excited for what’s ahead.

By using the hashtag #EndOnAHighDubai, you can share your achievements with friends, with the education community in Dubai, and with the world. 

There are many ways you can take part. Look out for the questions we’ll be posting on social media – we’ll collate the replies from our community and share them back with you.

Think about the highlights of your year – share these memories on social media using the hashtag.

Take part in the activities your school may be organising to commemorate the end of the academic year.

Below are some more ideas we’ve received from school leaders, teachers and parents:
  1. Award students and teachers who have shown resilience, optimism and kindness this academic year
  2. Encourage students to give awards to other students who have helped and encouraged them
  3. Post messages of gratitude to teachers, in an area where lots of people can read the messages
  4. Post messages of gratitude on social media to people you want to thank this academic year
  5. Put together photo or video collages of the highlights of this academic year. These might include camps, trips, Expo visits, fun school events, and collaborations with other schools.
And remember to share these on social media using the hashtag!
This academic year, let’s #EndOnAHighDubai.
Page last updated 05:07 PM - 23 June 2022
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