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Responsibilities of Training Institutes

KHDA’s role is to ensure that Dubai’s training institutes are established and operate according to the highest quality standards and in line with our legislation. Our team ensures supervision of Dubai’s training institutes through ongoing interaction and communication throughout the year. You can see some of the key responsibilities of the institutes below.

Quality assurance

To ensure that education providers operate in accordance with the highest quality standards and in accordance with KHDA regulations, they are subject to regular visits from KHDA’s Regulations and Permits Commission (RPC). Training institutions are expected to provide visiting KHDA teams with the necessary information and cooperation to make these visits a success.


If you are an education provider, you must have written approval from KHDA before you use any advertising or marketing material. Read KHDA guidelines for more information on the review process and the KHDA framework for approving adverts before they are published.

Page last updated 06 November 2021
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