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ECC Child Registration FAQS

Page last updated 05:57 PM - 06 November 2021

If the information that I require is not available in the KHDA open data source, what do I do?

All current KHDA’s data on early childhood, students, schools, universities, vocational and training institutes is available for download on the KHDA Open Data webpage. KHDA has availed different sets of education data which can be found here  If you require any additional data, please email

What is meant by open data?

Open data can be broadly understood as data that can be freely used, re-used and redistributed by anyone. As per Dubai Data Law, the type of data addressed by the law is data that is not confidential to the government, nor personal or sensitive to any specific individual. Essentially, the law obliges Dubai government entities to share such data amongst themselves, and with private sector entities, by setting out rules and mechanisms for doing so.

I am conducting research on education and human development and wish to contact a private educational institution in Dubai?

Any student or researcher can make direct contact with any private educational institution in Dubai and does not require any approval by KHDA. The contact details for institutions is available through our website on Find Education Institutions

How often is data updated at KHDA?

Data sets at KHDA vary in types and updates occur either quarterly or annually based on the academic year. KHDA also showcases live data.

Open Data in Dubai – What are the implications of the Dubai Data Law?

The Dubai Data Law (add hyperlink) regulates data dissemination and exchange of data in Dubai to maximise opportunities to capture the benefit of such data for all. To know more of data classifications and how to exchange it, please refer to the Dubai Data Law.

Where do I find information on research publications by KHDA?

Any publications by KHDA is available for download through the publications section  of the KHDA website.

How can I give feedback on research conducted by KHDA or make suggestions?

For any other queries or to offer general feedback or suggestions on any of the research conducted by KHDA, email
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