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DSIB Annual Report 2011

12/2/2011   |   Category: School Inspection

Welcome to the Annual Report 2011 of the Dubai Schools Inspection Bureau.

This third annual DSIB report provides an account of the performance of public and private schools after three years of inspection in Dubai. It is appropriately entitled ‘Improving Schools’, because it describes the important steps that have been taken by schools to improve the quality of education for all students in the emirate.

In the last year Dubai Schools Inspection Bureau completed inspections of 79 public schools and 136 private schools. Inspectors visited around 16,000 classes and conducted some 2,400 interviews with students and staff during the course of full inspections. To help inform the inspectors, parents completed around 59,000 questionnaires on-line, confirming once more their strong commitment to their children’s education.

Our Annual Report 2011 seeks to provide the community with helpful, accurate and comprehensive information regarding school quality in Dubai. Whether you are a teacher, student, parent or school leader, the report seeks to support your future active engagement with the schools. In this way, together, we can help our schools continue to improve.

To read Dubai Schools Inspection Bureau Annual Report 2011, please click here.

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