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PISA 2018

03 June 2020   |   Category: International Assessments

The Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) is designed to evaluate education systems worldwide by testing how well 15-year-old students are able to apply their knowledge in various contexts.  Conducted once every three years, each cycle of PISA focuses on a core domain of reading, mathematics, or science. Reading was the focus of the latest cycle of PISA in 2018. 

This cycle marks the fourth time Dubai’s private school sector has participated in PISA. The complete PISA report evaluates the sector’s performance against UAE National Agenda targets, highlights areas of improvement, and considers areas for further improvement.
Summary results for private schools in Dubai include: average scores of 501, 501, and 500 for reading, mathematics and science respectively. In all three domains, these average scores would place Dubai private schools, as a group, in the 19th rank in the domain league tables in 2018. These results underscore the contribution of the high performance of students in Dubai’s private schools to achieving the goals set forth for education in Vision 2021.

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