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Good Practice Guides (UQAIB Quality Assurance Manual)

13 April 2016   |   Category: Higher Education and UQAIB

The UQAIB Good Practice Guides are intended to inform institutions about the ways in which various quality assurance related issues could be developed in the Dubai context.  These guides do not expand the scope of the UQAIB requirements and they addresses issues already contained in the current version of the UQAIB Quality Assurance Manual.  The guides are not prescriptive and provide exemplar options to suit different circumstances that can be adapted by each institution to meet their individual requirements.

Good Practice Guides

  1. Assessment and Moderation of Student Work
  2. External Evaluation of Standards of Student Achievement
  3. Grievance procedures
  4. Industry and Market Engagement
  5. Localising the curriculum
  6. Student feedback
  7. Higher Degrees by Research

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