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Self-Evaluation and Improvement Planning: A Resource for Schools in Dubai 2014 -2015

08 September 2014   |   Category: School Inspection

Dubai Schools Inspection Bureau (DSIB) self-evaluation process for schools is outlined in this updated version for use in the 2014-15 academic year. DSIB inspection results shows that accurate self-evaluation by schools is a key tool in the development of quality education in Dubai. Also included for this year is a brief description of a school improvement process.

The information in this document should be used alongside the guidelines detailed in the DSIB Inspection Handbook 2014-15, which is also published on this website. Please note, this year, schools are asked to respond to specific questions about their provision for special educational needs, mathematics and science.

DSIB has prepared a number of tools to help each school complete the self-evaluation process. Schools that have been judged by DSIB as acceptable or unsatisfactory must complete the KHDA Self-evaluation online document. Schools judged outstanding or good may submit their own self-evaluation document, but must complete the judgement section of the KHDA Self-evaluation document.

Links to the required tools are provided below. If any difficulties arise, please contact the DSIB liaison co-ordinator.

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