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Indian and Pakistani School Inspections 2012- 2013 - Key Findings

28 January 2013   |   Category: School Inspection

Between September 2012 and January 2013, Dubai Schools Inspection Bureau (DSIB) inspected all schools in Dubai offering an Indian or Pakistani curriculum. 2012-13 is for the fourth year of inspections for the schools. The key findings from the inspections are outlined in the report which can be downloaded here. Twenty-three schools (66, 980 students) follow an Indian curriculum and three schools (3,993 students) follow a Pakistani curriculum. Compared to 2009-10, when school inspections started, the number of students attending good or outstanding schools has increased by around 13,000 students. The ‘Key Findings 2012-13’ report also indicates the progress made by Indian and Pakistani schools regarding overall performance, support for students with special educational needs and leadership. The report emphasises the importance of effective leadership in helping ensure better teaching and good student progress.

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