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Schools Fees Fact Sheet FAQs

What is the School Fees Fact Sheet?

The School Fees Fact Sheet is a one-page reference that includes all mandatory and optional fees that a school may charge during an academic year. It is  a new resource designed to promote transparency and give parents thorough and reliable information about their children’s school fees.

Is the School Fees Fact Sheet available for every private school in Dubai?

Yes. Every private school will have a School Fees Fact Sheet available to parents prior to the start of each academic year, and it will be included in the School/Parent Contract.

How can I access my child’s School Fees Fact Sheet?

Parents can access each school’s School Fees Fact Sheet through the KHDA directory. It is also available online with the Parent/School Contract. Each school will also post its own fact sheet to its website.

What’s the difference between mandatory and optional fees?

Mandatory fees are approved and regulated by KHDA.. Optional fees are generally not part of curriculum delivery. They are provided by the school or a third party and are governed by agreements between parents and schools.

While books and uniforms are mandatory, some schools give parents a choice of where they can be purchased.

Why are fees for books listed as mandatory in some schools, and optional in others?

Books are considered an essential part of learning which every student should have. The terms ‘optional’ and ‘mandatory’ do not refer to the books themselves, but to how they can be purchased. In schools with mandatory book fees, parents are only able to purchase books from the school. Whereas in schools with optional book fees, parents may choose to purchase books from the school or other suppliers if available. In some schools, the cost of books is included within the tuition fees, in line with their fee structure. 

Which fees and services are regulated by KHDA?

Tuition fees, including application, registration, and re-enrolment fees, are regulated by KHDA. KHDA does not regulate fees not directly related to curriculum delivery, such as transportation and uniform (unless provided by the school), school trips, or extra-curricular activities.

How are school tuition fees regulated?

School tuition fee increases are governed by the School Fees Framework.

How long is the School Fees Fact Sheet valid for?

The School Fees Fact Sheet is valid for one academic year and can be verified by scanning the QR code on the document.

Who can I contact if I have a question about fees at my child’s school?

In the first instance, please speak directly to your child’s school. If you wish to take your enquiry further, you can contact our team here.

Which fees and services are regulated by KHDA?

KHDA regulates tuition fees and mandatory fees as listed in the School Fees Fact Sheet. Tuition fees include application fees, enrolment and re-enrolment fees. Mandatory fees are varied and differ from school to school. 

What do “required educational supplies” refer to?

They refer to necessary materials, tools, and resources for effective teaching and learning. Parents can purchase these items from the school or external suppliers, if available.
Page last updated 11:28 AM - 21 June 2022
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