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FAQs about Hamdan bin Mohammed Scholarship Programme

Before you apply – eligibility and application rules

  1. What are the objectives of the Hamdan Bin Mohammed Scholarship Programme?
    The Programme identifies and rewards outstanding students who have demonstrated remarkable achievements academically or in extracurricular activities. It also aims to motivate students to strive for excellence and encourages them to pursue higher education at top universities around the world.
  2. What benefits does the scholarship include?
    Some of the benefits of the scholarship include:
    • Full coverage of tuition fees at the most prestigious international universities
    • Intensive Programme to develop leadership skills
    • Annual travel ticket allowance
    • Monthly stipend
    • Graduation expenses allowance
  3. Who is eligible to apply for the scholarship?
    Applicants who meet ALL of the following eligibility criteria can apply for the scholarship:
    • Citizens of the United Arab Emirates who hold a family book from Dubai
    • High school graduates aged 17 to 20 who completed their secondary studies in 2022-2023 or 2023-2024, either in the UAE or abroad
    • Students who have received or will receive a conditional or an unconditional offer of admission to a specific major and university, including a specific start date and study duration
    • Students who have not received any other scholarships from any entity, whether inside or outside the UAE
  4. When is the application deadline?
    Applications for the scholarship Programme should be submitted through the "Dubai Now" platform. The application period will be announced by the HBM Programme yearly. Applications submitted after the announced dates will not be considered. Each applicant is allowed to submit only one application during the registration period.
  5. What are the minimum academic requirements to apply for the scholarship?
    The minimum academic requirements are:
    • Students must have achieved minimum scores outlined in the table below, according to the curriculum in which they completed their secondary studies:


      KHDA Recommended Minimum Requirements


      • IB Diploma Score: 30+ Points


      • IBCP certificate (2 IB subject with grade 5+ AND Level 3 BTEC-90 Credit diploma with grade DM+ or equivalent)


      • 3 AS Level (grade A) or equivalent


      • 2 AL (grade B) or equivalent


      • Level 3 BTEC 120-credit diploma (grade DD) or equivalent


      • Combinations of AS, AL and Level3 BTEC will be calculated on the basis of 2AS=1AL=60 credit Level3 BTEC (for example: 1AL(grade B) +60 credit BTEC (grade D) or 2AS (grade AB)+1AL(grade B))…etc


      • GPA=>3.75 AND 2 AP (grade 4)


      • GPA=>3.75 AND SAT(Math)=650 (EmSAT Math=1000) AND TOEFL-IBT=60 (IELTS=6.0, EmSAT English 1500)


      • GPA=>3.75 AND Combined total SAT score 1200 and above (Math + Evidence-Based Reading and Writing)


      • General Stream: Score =>90% AND SAT(Math)=650 (EmSAT Math=1000) AND TOEFL-IBT=60 (IELTS=6.0, EmSAT English 1500)
      • Advanced Stream: Score =>85% AND SAT(Math)=650 (EmSAT Math=1000) AND TOEFL-IBT=60 (IELTS=6.0, EmSAT English 1500)



      • Elite Stream: Score =>80% AND SAT(Math)=650 (EmSAT Math=1000) AND TOEFL-IBT=60 (IELTS=6.0, EmSAT English 1500)


      • Score =>85% (A grade) AND SAT(Math)=650 (EmSAT Math=1000) AND TOEFL-IBT=60 (IELTS=6.0, EmSAT English 1500)


      • Score =>85% (A grade) AND 2 AS Level (grade A) or equivalent


      • Score =>85% (A grade) AND 2 AP (grade 4) AND GPA=>3.75


      • German International Abitur Examination-Deutsches Internationales Abitur/DIA (Grade =< 2.5)


      • French baccalaureate Exam| High School Diploma (Grade=>14.00)

      Submitting a conditional or unconditional acceptance to a Programme classified among the top 100 Programmes in the chosen field or the university being ranked among the top 200 universities globally. It is worth noting that the student may apply for the scholarship Programme before officially obtaining university admission.
  6. What documents are required to apply for the scholarship?
    The student applying for the scholarship must submit the following documents:
    • All required academic certificates (according to the educational curriculum) as specified in the academic requirements (1st term results)
    • Transcripts of grades
    • Letter of acceptance from the university (if available)
    • An essay on a specific topic determined during the application phase.
    • Extracurricular certificates (if available)
    • International examination certificates (if available)
  7. What leadership development opportunities for scholarship students?
    The scholarship Programme provides students with various specialised courses to develop their leadership skills. Additionally, there are practical training opportunities to build further leadership skills, enabling students to actively contribute to the developmental journey of Dubai.
  8. What academic and administrative services does the Programme provide to scholarship students?
    The Programme includes:

    Continuous academic and psychological support during the study period
    Required financial consultations during the study period
    Monitoring of academic progress
    Handling of student affairs in coordination with the Programme administrators

    In addition, the following financial services are provided:
    Issuance of the financial guarantee for the study visa
    Issuance of the financial guarantee for university tuition fees
    Student Services Guide, which outlines the conditions, requirements, and timelines for each service
  9. Can the student participate in international conferences or workshops during the scholarship period?
    The student can participate in international conferences or workshops during the scholarship period. But only after submitting a request to the academic advisor with a supported recommendation from the university.
  10. How can I check the status of my application?
    You will receive an email to your official email indicating your application status. You can also check the status of your application through the "Dubai Now" App.
  11. When will the names of accepted students in the Programme be announced?
    The names of accepted students in the Programme will be announced in August 2024.
  12. Can students do paid work while studying?
    To enable them to focus fully on their studies, students should not undertake paid work while receiving the scholarship.
  13. Does the scholarship help with gaining admission to a specific Programme or university?
    It is the sole responsibility of the student to obtain direct, unconditional admission in a specific major, university, and country of study. The admission offer should clearly indicate the start and end dates of the study Programme as well as the total tuition fees. You can seek assistance in obtaining admission from UAE Cultural Divisions/Attachés abroad.
  14. If I am currently studying abroad at my own expense, can I still apply for this scholarship?
    Yes, students currently enrolled in self-funded study Programmes abroad can apply if they meet the following criteria:
    The student must meet the scholarship requirements.
  15. Which degrees does the scholarship Programme cover?
    The Programme offers scholarships to study undergraduate degrees only.
  16. Does the scholarship Programmes cover English language courses outside of the UAE?
    Scholarships are only offered for undergraduate studies.
  17. If students have a TOEFL or IELTS certificate, are they obliged to undertake the EmSAT English test?
    The EmSAT English Test is not a mandatory requirement for obtaining the scholarship. Students must provide evidence of completing TOEFL or IELTS, according to each university’s minimum score requirements and for student visa purposes.

After you’re accepted – conditions of receiving the scholarship

  1. When will the scholarship for new students be activated?
    The scholarship will be activated after the student meets all the scholarship requirements and obtains unconditional acceptance from the university.
  2. What are the procedures to activate the scholarship for new students?
    After obtaining the final approval, an email will be sent to each student explaining the steps to activate the scholarship.
  3. How do students formally accept entrance into the scholarship programme?
    Once accepted, students are required to sign a commitment and pledge regarding their participation in the Hamdan Bin Mohammed Scholarship programme. This agreement includes all the terms and conditions that define the continuation requirements of the scholarship and the circumstances under which the scholarship may be suspended or terminated. A copy of this agreement will be sent to students’ registered email.
  4. Once accepted, what are the terms and conditions for continuing to receive the scholarship?

    Students must:
    • Comply with all legislation, regulations, and academic instructions in place at the educational institution and those issued by the scholarship programme
    • Maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 or its equivalent
    • Adhere to the attendance requirements according to the approved study plan of the programme and the minimum number of registered credit hours required per semester
    • Bear the costs of retaking any optional course if they voluntarily seek to improve their grades
    • Not withdraw from courses or credit hours after the deadline set by the university for course add/drop without obtaining written approval from the scholarship programme
    • Inform the academic advisor of the scholarship programme if they receive any tuition fee discounts from the educational institution
    • Not change the scientific major for which they were granted the scholarship without obtaining written approval from the scholarship programme
    • Comply with the specified date of joining the academic scholarship programme
    • Obtain the intended academic qualification within the specified timeframe, according to the approved instructions of the educational institution
    • Refrain from engaging in any action that may lead to dismissal from the educational institution
    • Represent the United Arab Emirates in an honourable manner and refrain from any act or behaviour that violates laws, ethics, or harms the country's reputation, as well as refrain from engaging in any political activities
    • Obtain the approval of the scholarship programme before joining or affiliating with any organisations or entities in the country of study or abroad
    • Not violate the prevailing laws in the host country
    • In the event of non-compliance with any of the above-mentioned terms and conditions, KHDA reserves the right to cancel the scholarship
  5. What measures does the programme take in case of a student's academic performance declines?
    Continuous academic counselling and support are provided as part of the scholarship. However, if students’ academic performance falls below the cumulative GPA of 3.0, they will be given an "academic warning" for that semester. If they do not improve their grade, they are given the option to continue their studies for an additional semester at their own expense. If they still do not meet the GPA 3.0 average, the scholarship will be terminated, and all costs up to that point must be repaid to the programme.
  6. Can students relinquish the scholarship after receiving it?
    Yes, students can relinquish the scholarship. If the student decides to relinquish the scholarship before receiving any scholarship allowances, there will be no financial obligations.
    If the student decides to relinquish the scholarship after receiving financial allowances or after starting the study without providing an acceptable reason to the scholarship programme, the student will be required to repay all the costs covered by the programme.
  7. In which cases can the scholarship be terminated?
    The programme has the right to terminate the scholarship in the following cases:
    • The student's expulsion by the university
    • Non-compliance with laws, regulations, and guidelines related to the stay of Emirati students abroad
    • Engaging in acts or behaviors that violate laws and ethics or harm the reputation of the country, or engaging in political activities during the study period
    • Academic performance below the minimum cumulative GPA (3.0) or its equivalent after the academic warning period
    • Absence from studies in violation of the university's rules and regulations
    • Changing the student's major, university, or country of study without prior approval from the scholarship programme
    • Failure to complete the studies within the specified period without prior approval from the programme
    • Joining or affiliating with any organizations or entities in the country of study or abroad without approval from the scholarship programme
  8. Will the scholarship cover medical expenses?
    The scholarship offers comprehensive health insurance coverage for students.
  9. Who will cover the visa fees for the student applying through the embassy of the host country?
    As part of the financial benefits offered by the scholarship programme, travel allowances are provided as a one-time payment at the beginning of study, prior to the student's travel. These allowances include the costs of visa fees.
  10. Will there be any support in booking travel tickets to the host country and in arranging pickup from the airport?
    The scholarship programme offers allowances for travel expenses. Students are responsible for arranging their own travel to and within the host country.
  11. Is there assistance available in booking a hotel on arrival in the host country?
    Students are responsible for organising their own accommodation upon arrival in the host country.
  12. Will students receive any housing allowance?
    The scholarship includes a monthly allowance which can be used to cover accommodation expenses.
  13. Will students have an academic advisor to support and answer questions throughout the study period?
    Yes, a dedicated academic advisor will support students and monitor their academic progress.
  14. Does the scholarship programme offer employment opportunities upon graduation?
    Academic advisors of the scholarship programme will guide students on the best methods to search for suitable job opportunities.
  15. Can students participate in international conferences or workshops during the scholarship period?
    Students can participate in international conferences or workshops provided they first submit a request to the academic advisor with a supported recommendation from their university.
  16. If the university permits the student to study online while they are in the country of study, should the scholarship programme be notified?
    Yes, it is necessary to inform the scholarship programme and provide the official documentation from the university. However, this should be for exceptional circumstances and not for full-time online study.
  17. Can the student’s monthly allowance be transferred to their bank account in the country of study?
    No, students’ monthly allowance cannot be transferred to their bank account in the country of study; each student is required to open a bank account in the UAE under their own name.
  18. What should students do if their personal or contact information changes? (eg address, phone number, or bank account)?
    Students should update their details as soon as possible by contacting the academic advisor in the scholarship programme.
  19. Should students register in The Education and Technology Sciences Attaché Office in the country of study?
    Yes, students should register with The Education and Technology Sciences Attaché Office in the country of study and make sure they maintain ongoing, direct communication with them throughout the study period.
  20. How do students get help if they encounter any issues or difficulties during my study in the host country?
    Students can contact the academic advisor in The Education and Technology Sciences Attaché Office in the country of study or the academic advisor in the scholarship programme.
  21. Can students travel with a companion at the expense of the scholarship programme?
    No, the scholarship programme does not cover the expenses of any companions to the student.
  22. Is it possible to defer the scholarship?
    Deferment is possible in exceptional cases only, such as serious illness. Students must contact the scholarship programme advisor directly if they wish to defer.
  23. Is it possible for students to transfer the scholarship to another university?
    Yes, it is possible, provided that the duration of study does not exceed the period determined at the time of granting the scholarship, and all other conditions related to the academic programme and the university are met.
  24. Can students apply for a scholarship from a government institution in addition to applying for the scholarship programme?
    Students may apply for a scholarship from a government institution in addition to applying for the scholarship programme. However, students must not accept scholarships from any other entity if accepted into the Hamdan bin Mohammed Scholarship programme.
  25. How can a student currently undertaking national service apply for the scholarship?
    Male students who are required to join the national service after completing grade 12 should be aware of the following:
    • Joining the national service does not affect the process of applying for a scholarship or obtaining final approval
    • Students who will be commencing national service must meet all of the scholarship eligibility and qualification criteria that apply to all other students
    • Students must provide a letter confirming their national service status, be it enrolment, deferral, or exemption. If approved for the scholarship, students may defer their studies in line with approved procedures until they have completed their service
    • Students should provide a clearance letter from the national service authority and an updated admission letter upon completing their national service
  26. Do students need to obtain prior approval to travel outside the country of study during the academic year?
    Yes, the student needs to obtain prior approval from the programme before traveling outside the country of study.
Page last updated 29 January 2024
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