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School Of Research Science Us High-School

  • GRADE 9 - GRADE 12Grade
  • AmericanCurriculum
  • 2020Founded

School Of Research Science Us High-School
Not inspected yet Overall DSIB Rating
Academic Calendar FEES FACT SHEET

list_alt DSIB Inspection Reports

verified DSIB Quality Indicators

Ratings as per the latest school inspection report

credit_card Fees
AED 55,628
arrow_downwardLowest Fee
AED 64,754
arrow_upwardHighest Fee
AED 58,741
swap_horizAverage Fee

Fees Per Year

Grade\Year Annual Fee View Fact Sheet
GRADE 9 AED 55,628 View
GRADE 10 AED 55,628 View
GRADE 11 AED 58,953 View
GRADE 12 AED 64,754 View

Page last updated 23 June 2022
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