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KHDA’s Support for Researchers

Page last updated 01:38 PM - 11 November 2021

KHDA’s Support for Researchers

Dubai’s education sector is a rich source of material for researchers.  
We encourage research into Dubai’s private education sector. Dubai’s private education sector is unique. Responsible for more than 90% of all education in Dubai, the private sector includes schools offering 16 different curricula and international branch campuses from 12 countries. This multicultural, multinational dynamic offers researcher a wealth of study options and a rich source of material. 

Based on our alignment with our strategic priorities, KDHA has identified a list of areas of research interest. Building on previous local and international research that aims to improve outcomes for students, young people and families, KHDA is interested in both primary qualitative and quantitative research, secondary data analysis, and literature reviews and synthesis. 

Areas of Research Interest

Early Childhood Education
  • What are the links between a high-quality of Early Childhood Education and Care sector and later academic attainment, health and wellbeing when children progress to school?
  • How can the implementation of different forms of informal early learning activities – such as day-care arrangements and positive parenting strategies - help to achieve good quality outcomes in terms of school readiness? 
  • How can schools best identify children's mild to moderate mental health needs, and what role can early intervention play in preventing escalation?
  • What are the trends of students’ educational pathways from school through to higher education and/or employment locally in Dubai/UAE or to international destinations, including school leavers who return to Dubai for work after completing higher education courses internationally?
  • Understanding the importance of reading, what approaches could KHDA adopt – anytime from early years to senior school - to improve students’ reading skills, verbal reasoning skills and language use, particularly for Emirati and Arab expat students?
  • What will be the longer-term impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on targeted investment in the education market in Dubai and the implications for new forms of online, distance and blended learning?
Higher Education
  • Do the mix of undergraduate and graduate qualifications on offer in Dubai universities match the skills needed by current and future labour market in Dubai and the region?
  • What is the relative quality of Dubai’s higher education system in comparison to systems in other developed economies in terms of status, structure, operation and performance?
  • How are higher education institutions in Dubai collaborating with the private sector locally and internationally to improve research and innovation?  
Training Institutes
  • What impact will improving the quality of training institutes have on the workforce in Dubai?
  • What are the key learning areas and courses required for Dubai future jobs, and how can KHDA support training institutes in capturing these needs?
  • How can short courses better prepare young people for future job demands, and what new channels need to be created to strengthen the link between schools and universities and training institutes?
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