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Rahhal - a Dubai 10X Initiative

What is Rahhal?

Rahhal is part of 10X – a Dubai Future Foundation initiative to take Dubai ten years into the future – in just two years. Meaning traveller in Arabic, the message of Rahhal is simple: the world is a classroom, and all learning counts. Rahhal is a fully customisable platform that will help turn anyone, and any organisation, into a learning provider, and turn all of us into lifelong learners. It will be a conduit that harnesses the community’s knowledge and skills and channels it to each individual learner. And the best part? All learning on the platform will be given the stamp of approval by Dubai government.

Why Rahhal?

Rahhal provides a creative and innovative alternative to mainstream education – an alternative that brings out the best from within the community and recognises learning wherever it occurs. It is a platform that helps to integrate learning with life, and life with learning.

Who will benefit from Rahhal?

By providing a supportive regulatory environment, Rahhal will enhance learning opportunities for all members of the community, whether they’re children or adults. It will support learners with special education needs as well as those with special gifts and talents; it will diversify the choices for parents who wish to supplement their children’s education; and it will provide adults with a flexible, modular form of learning that can be used to further their careers or enrich their lives. Rahhal is available to a greater number of learners in the coming weeks and months. If you’re a learning provider and you have disruptive ideas about how Rahhal can help you enrich the opportunities you provide to your learners, write to us through this form.

Schools who have joined Rahhal Curriculum
Al Ittihad Private School, Al Mamzar American
Al Salam Community School UK
Al Salam Private School UK (13 Y)
American Academy for Girls American
Clarion School L.L.C American
Dar Al Marefa Private School International Baccalaureate
Delhi Private School Indian
Dubai British School UK
Dubai British School Jumeirah Park UK (13 Y)
Dubai English Speaking School UK
Dubai Gem Private School UK (13 Y)
Dubai Heights Academy UK/IB
Dubai International Private School - Br American
Dwight School International Baccalaureate
GEMS Dubai American Academy - Dubai Branch American
GEMS FirstPoint School UK
GEMS International School - Al Khail International Baccalaureate
GEMS Jumeira Primary School - Dubai Branch UK (13 Y)
GEMS Modern Academy Indian - International Baccalaureate
GEMS New Millennium School L.L.C Indian
GEMS Our Own English High School Indian
GEMS Royal Dubai School UK (13 Y)
GEMS Wellington Academy - Al Khail UK
GEMS Wellington International School UK/IB (13 Y)
Global Indian International School L.L.C Indian
GreenField International School International Baccalaureate
Gulf Indian High School Indian
Hartland International School UK/IB
International Concept Education French
Jebel Ali School UK (13 Y)
Jumeira Baccalaureate School International Baccalaureate
Jumeirah College UK (13 Y)
Jumeirah English Speaking School UK (13 Y)
Jumeirah English Speaking School (Br) International Baccalaureate, UK (13 Y)
Lycee Francais International French
M S B Private School UK (13 Y)
North American International School L.L.C American
Our Own High School Indian
Pakistan Educational Academy Pakistani
Philadelphia Private School American
Regent International Private School UK
Safa British School UK
Safa Community School UK/IB
Smart Vision School UK (13 Y)
Sunmarke School UK
The Aquila School UK
The Arbor School UK
The Indian Academy Indian
The Indian High School Indian
The Millennium School Indian
The School of Research Science UK - American
The Winchester School UK
Universal American School - Branch US/IB
Page last updated 10:38 AM - 31 October 2022
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