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Rahhal - FAQs

What does Rahhal mean?

Rahhal is the Arabic word for traveler. For students in Rahhal it means the World is a classroom.

Who is Rahhal for?

Rahhal is for any child currently registered in a Dubai private school from KG to Grade 12/13.

Where can I find the list of schools currently participating in the Rahhal?

You can find the list of schools on our website here Rahhal - a Dubai 10X Initiative

Can any school participate in Rahhal?

Yes, any Dubai Private school regulated by KHDA can choose to participate in Rahhal. Participation is voluntary.

Is Rahhal applicable to Universities?

Not yet. What would you like to propose? We’re here to listen to all ideas that will benefit education.

How is learning in Rahhal recognised?

Students in Rahhal are enrolled in their school as any other pupil, so upon successful completion of any stage, they will get the certificate offered by the school.

Will being part of Rahhal have an impact on DSIB inspections?

Schools offering Rahhal will get approval from KHDA. As part of the approval process, all relevant teams, including the DSIB, are notified about the schools joining Rahhal. Inspection outcomes should not be negatively impacted by schools’ participation in Rahhal.

Can any student in UAE or internationally participate in Rahhal?

Rahhal is currently only available for students enrolled full time in Dubai Private schools. If this changes we will make an announcement through our various media channels.

How does Rahhal vary from school to school?

Rahhal can be customized by the school to meet the individual needs of their students to either meet an existing challenge or to create a new opportunity.

How is attendance recorded in school if the student is part of Rahhal?

Rahhal takes into account students’ learning wherever and whenever it occurs. It us up to the school to design a suitable mechanism to capture attendance in these circumstances.

Will Rahhal reduce the overall cost of my child’s education?

Rahhal does not necessarily equate to reduced or lower school fees. Each Rahhal proposal is designed for a different purpose. Some Rahhal programs may cost less and others may cost more. This will depend on the individual nature of the program. If in any doubt discuss this with the school. Costs vary from one school to another. Parents should consult with the school to understand all fees before enrollment.

Can I as a parent approach new schools that are not currently registered with Rahhal?

Yes, you can have a discussion with the school and then the school may wish to approach KHDA to find out more about how the school and student can join Rahhal.

Will further and higher education establishments, like universities, here and internationally recognise learning acquired in Rahhal?

Further and higher education establishments have their own entry requirements, regardless of how learning has been delivered. For specific course requirements please consult with your schools’ careers officer and the further education entities directly.

Do schools have to submit a separate proposal for each student?

This depends on the needs of the students and the nature of the proposal. In some cases, a group of students can join Rahhal based on the same proposal, however each student will still need a separate Rahhal enrolment agreement.

Who approves the student joining Rahhal?

Firstly, the school agrees to a student undertaking Rahhal. The final approval for each student journey is made by KHDA.

What if a student wants to change their mind after joining Rahhal?

It is important that the agreement between the school and student outlines all “exit” as well as “entry” procedures for Rahhal. Remember, students are enrolled in their school whilst on a Rahhal program and their place is secure there.

How can schools partake in Rahhal?

Any Dubai Private School is eligible to have their students join Rahhal by following the steps:
  • Step One: the school has an idea
  • Step Two: the school discusses eligibility to join Rahhal with KHDA
  • Step Three: the school submits the proposal to KHDA
  • Step Four : once proposal is approved by KHDA
    • Student Enrolment agreement is signed by school and parent
    • Student Agreement is uploaded to the school system

How can Rahhal benefit my child?

Parents considering Rahhal need to ask themselves this serious question. What are the advantages for my child if they pursue Rahhal? To answer this question, parents need to look at and understand their motivation for pursuing Rahhal. Is it the flexibility of hours, the opportunity to focus on a talent, a special need, a passion or skills not catered for elsewhere in the system? These motivations need to weigh up positively against parents’ ability to commit to supervision, time, space and patience, and the social interaction with peers that may be altered. We encourage a long exploratory dialogue between the school, parents, teachers and students to make sure the right decision is made.

What about assessments of student in the project?

Assessment procedures differ from school to school and curriculum. The requirements for assessments should be clear to the parents from their regular communications with the school. The Rahhal enrolment agreement between the parent and the school would explain these in detail.

Is it possible for students who are already registered at a school in another emirate to be enrolled in Rahhal?

Currently Rahhal is applicable only for private schools within the emirate of Dubai.

Will KHDA make recommendations to help me make a decision?

The agreement to join Rahhal will be between the school and the parents (and the student). KHDA will be part of the communication circle to oversee and facilitate the process. KHDA will hold regular open days with the Rahhal community to discuss and improve the program.

My children were home schooled for one year. How can I enrol them in their subsequent school years?

Any student that is homeschooled will first need to be enrolled as a full-time student in one of Dubai private schools. You may approach your school of choice directly to find out any specific requirements. For more information about school admissions please visit Enrolling in a School

How does home schooling or online schooling fit into Rahhal?

In order to partake in Rahhal, students will need to be enrolled in a Dubai Private school. The mode of delivery of schooling will be an agreement between the parents and the school. Do not forget there are compulsory UAE specific curriculum subjects such as Moral Education and Arabic.

What criteria are used to approve a Rahhal proposal?

Each Rahhal proposal is quite unique and reviewed with this in mind. However, there are some criteria that every proposal must meet to be approved:  
    1. All elements of the proposal's guidelines are covered  
    2. What is proposed can only be delivered through the Rahhal platform 
    3. The proposal does not cause harm 
    4. The proposal should not generate an increase in school fees to the parent 
Page last updated 04:23 PM - 07 October 2021
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