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FAQs about Early Childhood Centers' Reopening Protocol

Page last updated 03:31 PM - 05 October 2022

Please check back on this page regularly. We’ll keep updating it to include all the questions we receive from the community.

Please do check the latest update from the concerned authorities in relation to health, safety and travel in case it changed while we were working on updating this page.

Updated Safety Protocols for Early Childhood Centres - September 2022

What is the latest update regarding face masks?
Following the latest federal announcement, face masks are no longer mandatory indoors or outdoors at private schools, early childhood centres, universities and training institutes in Dubai. 

Are face masks still mandatory for adults in any areas of the centre?
No. Face masks are no longer mandatory for adults in all areas of the centre. These include:
 - prayer rooms
 - clinics
 - classrooms
 - auditoriums & gyms
 - canteens & cafeterias

Are face masks still mandatory on the bus?
Face masks are no longer mandatory on the bus.

How will the health and safety of my children be protected?
Thorough health and safety standards remain in place. Health and safety standards from Dubai Government authorities, such as Dubai Municipality and Dubai Health Authority, also remain in effect.

What should I do if my child has Covid-like symptoms?
If your child has Covid-like symptoms, you should either seek medical help or get a PCR test done for your child. There is no obligation to get a PCR.

If your child was seen by a doctor who did not require them to do a PCR, then they can only return to ECC when they are free of symptoms and advised by the doctor. 

If you choose to do a PCR test for your child, they can only return to the centre when they are free of symptoms, even if the test was negative. However, if the result was positive, a clearance certificate for the child must be provided to be able to return to the centre.

What should I do if my child is simply feeling unwell but does not have Covid-like symptoms?
In the interests of health and safety, it is recommended that all children who are unwell should stay at home until they feel better. 

What should I do if my child tests positive for Covid-19?
Children who return a positive PCR test must isolate for five days and provide the centre with a clearance certificate. A negative PCR test will not be sufficient in this instance.


For more information about the Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Please call:
- Estijaba Service on 8001717
- Dubai Health Authority on 800342 or
- Ministry of Health and Prevention on 80011111 

Page last updated 05 October 2022
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