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Dubai– 14 April 2022: The number of students attending Dubai private schools has topped 300,000 for the first time ever. A total of 303,262 students are enrolled in Dubai’s private schools, up from 289,019 in September 2021, representing a growth of 4.9 per cent. 

Dr. Abdulla Al Karam, Director General of KHDA said: “Dubai’s private schools have consistently focused on improvement and growth, even during challenging times. The record number of students reflects the trust and confidence that families place in schools. School leaders and teachers have come together and collaborated to work towards Dubai’s aspiration to provide every student with a high-quality education grounded in wellbeing. We’re grateful to educators, parents and students for being part of Dubai’s education community and for creating the future of education together.” 

The rise in school enrolment also reflects Dubai’s growing attractiveness as a lifestyle, business and investment destination, which has encouraged families from across the world to relocate to the city.  
According to newly released data, UK curriculum schools (35 per cent) remain the top choice for students followed by Indian curriculum (26 per cent) and US curriculum schools (16 per cent). Students studying in private schools represent a total of 187 nationalities, which shows the vast cultural diversity of the emirate’s student community. 

Dubai currently has 215 schools providing 18 curriculum choices.   

For the latest school data, please visit the KHDA website. 


Key Data: Private schools in Dubai 
•    215 schools 
•    18 curriculums 
•    32,883 Emirati students  
•    187 student nationalities 
Page last updated 15 April 2022
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