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he Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), Dubai has

proved to be a good, happy employer with a revolutionary change it has brought about in its work environment.

Introducing a 'happy change' on its premises, the authority has revamped the fifth floor of its building in Dubai International Academic City. This floor is designed to make you 'super happy', says Dr Abdulla Al Karam, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Director-General of KHDA.

Ping-pong tables, bean bags, colourful seats, music, pet birds, and with the office floor made to look like a jogging track, Dr Abdulla Al Karam said the revamping of its facility has drastically increased the productivity of its employees.

He said that what the KHDA has achieved is an actual translation of the plans and strategies pertaining to inculcating positive energy and happiness in government organisations.

" Happiness of employees is the first step to success for any organisation as this helps the staff give 100% dedication to their work, adding to the productivity and efficiency of the organisations."

All walls and doors have been pulled down, there are no confined cubicles or set desks where the employees have to sit. You can sit anywhere you want, from the colourful sofas and stools in different shapes and colours to the hammock and bean bags.

You will not find any paper clutter here as every employee has been provided with a locker and a moveable drawer with a colourful strap. You can keep your stuff in it and pull this drawer with wheels to wherever you intend sitting

The CHECK-In and CHECK-OUT system has been done away removing any kind of stress on the employees.

They even have a hammock in the garden-like set up on the fifth floor of the building.

Also visitors at KHDA are provided with a happiness taxi that ferries them from the parking lot to the entrance of the building, where a welcome team ushers the visitors in and offers guide them about their services.

KHDA seems to be the perfect example of an organization that not only caters to the needs of its clients but also plays an ideal employer.
Page last updated 31 December 2019
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